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My current offers


☛ Eg recurring work processes in the company


☛ eg standardize and outsource tasks


☛ eg use of open source software in the company


☛ eg design, creation,  hosting, maintenance


☛ Eg win customers with the right online advertising strategy


☛ Eg support with required IT know-how

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Why could it be beneficial to work with me?

I have been a state-certified technical assistant for IT since 2001 and can look back on more than two decades of professional experience as a passionate IT expert.

My offer includes professional IT services in the areas of web design , marketing and IT optimization that are specially tailored to your company. My goal is to help you win new customers, inspire employees and set your company on a growth path. At the same time, I would like to save you time and money so that your company will soon be working more efficiently.

Working with me is uncomplicated and pleasant. I would like to make the world of IT understandable and accessible to you without losing the fun of it. Because IT doesn't have to be complicated - I'll show you how you can develop the potential in your company and use it efficiently.

In a personal 1:1 conversation we will find out together which steps are necessary to take your company to the next level . I look forward to getting to know you and to constructively supporting you in your IT challenges.

Do not hesitate and arrange a  free initial consultation today. Let us achieve your goals together and lead your company successfully into the future. I look forward to meeting you in person soon!


1:1 Coaching



20 min conversation

Goal of the conversation?

In this non-binding conversation we will find out exactly how I can help you.

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60 min conversation

Goal of the conversation?

In this conversation I will advise you very specifically on solutions and how you can implement them in 1x topic of your choice .

+ Automation

+ Marketing

+ Outsourcing

+ Software

+ Website

The prerequisite for this discussion is the free initial consultation.

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90 min conversation

Goal of the conversation?

In this conversation I will advise you very specifically on solutions and how you can implement them in 2x subject areas of your choice .

+ Automation

+ Marketing

+ Outsourcing

+ Software

+ Website

The prerequisite  for this discussion is the free initial consultation.

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Example automations


Diese Anwendung verkürzt das Erstgespräch z.B. zwischen Heilpraktiker und dem zu behandelnden Menschen, da wichtige Informationen zu Beschwerden bereits vor dem Erstgespräch übermittelt werden. Der Heilpraktiker hat bereits vor dem Erstgespräch ein umfassendes Bild der Ausgangslage. Einsatz bei: Heilpraktiker oder andere Branchen, wo ein Erstgespräch zur Anamnese stattfindet. Nutzen: Heilpraktiker erhält bereits vorab wichtige Informationen und kann sich intensiver auf das Erstgespräch vorbereiten; Zeitersparnis und Verringerung von Verwaltungsaufwand.

Anwendung ausprobieren:  Fragebogen ausfüllen und absenden

[contact-form-7 id="1000" title="Anamnese"]


Diese Anwendung automatisiert den Bewerbungsprozess eines Beautysalons und vergleicht den Dienstleistungskatalog mit den Bewerber-Fähigkeiten. Die Personalabteilung erhält bereits vorab einen sehr detaillierten ersten Eindruck. Einsatz bei: Beauty- & Frisursalons mit hoher Anzahl an Bewerbungseingängen, aber auch andere Branchen. Nutzen: Bewerber können schneller auch ohne Erstgespräch eingeschätzt werden; automatisiertes aber sehr genaues Matching zwischen Bewerber-Fähigkeiten <-> benötigte Fähigkeiten im Unternehmen; Zeitersparnis im Vorauswahlprozess; sehr individuell anpassbar auf verschiedene Branchen.

Anwendung ausprobieren: Bewerbung ausfüllen und absenden

[contact-form-7 id="995" title="Bewerbung"]


Mit dieser Anwendung kann ein Mitarbeiter seinen individuellen Dienstplan beim Vorgesetzten einreichen. Einsatz bei: Klein- & mittelständige Unternehmen ab 1 Mitarbeiter Nutzen: Digitalisierung des Dienstplanprozesses, Verringerung des Verwaltungsaufwands bei Mitarbeiter und Vorgesetzten, keine Papierunterlagen mehr nötig, Anpassung an individuelle Unternehmensanforderungen.

Anwendung ausprobieren: Dienstplan ausfüllen und unterschreiben

[contact-form-7 id="984" title="Dienstplan"]


Diese Anwendung digitalisiert den Fragebogen Prozess vor einer Kosmetikbehandlung. Einsatz bei: Kosmetiksalon, Tattoostudio Nutzen: automatische Langzeitarchivierung des Fragebogens; kein Papierdokument und Einscannen mehr nötig; professioneller Ablauf und positive Kundenerfahrung im Geschäft vor Ort.

Anwendung ausprobieren: Fragebogen ausfüllen und absenden

[contact-form-7 id="1003" title="Kosmetikbehandlung"]

customer feedback

Diese Anwendung eignet sich ideal dafür, um anonymes Feedback von Kunden einzuholen. Die Anwendung kann auf jedem Gerät mit Browser (z.B. Tablet) an geeigneter Stelle im Geschäft platziert werden. Einsatz bei: Blumenladen, Fitnessstudio, Messestand Nutzen: Zufriedenheit der Kunden direkt nach dem persönlichen Kontakt abfragen um Kundenerfahrungen zu messen.

Anwendung ausprobieren: vergeben Sie eine Sterne-Bewertung

[contact-form-7 id="968" title="Kundenzufriedenheit"]



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Automation  can offer many benefits  for small & medium-sized businesses  , such  as  doing routine tasks more efficiently   , which  saves time  and resources  . Automation can also help  minimize human error,  improve  task  accuracy  , and   increase  productivity By  freeing employees  from time-consuming manual processes   and  focusing on more important tasks can. Overall, automation can help a small or medium-sized business  operate more effectively  and  efficiently  , which  can lead to a competitive advantage .


Open source software for your business



Was ist Nextcloud?

Mit Nextcloud können Sie Ihre eigene Cloud auf Ihrem eigenen Server betreiben, sodass Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Daten behalten. Es bietet auch eine Reihe von zusätzlichen Apps, mit denen Benutzer verschiedene Funktionen wie Chat, Mail, Office, Video und mehr ausführen können.

Nextcloud Webseite



Was ist WordPress?

WordPress ist eine der beliebtesten Plattformen für die Erstellung von Webseiten und bietet eine Vielzahl von Funktionen, die es Benutzern ermöglichen, Webseiten schnell und einfach zu erstellen und zu verwalten.

WordPress Webseite



Was ist Matomo?

Matomo ist eine Open-Source Software zur Webseitenanalyse. Es wurde entwickelt, als eine datenschutzfreundliche Alternative zu anderen populären Webseitenanalyse-Werkzeugen.

Matomo website

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In contrast  to purely commercial software,  open source software is   usually  free of charge  and  offers  a  high degree of flexibility and adaptability  to the needs of a company. Companies using open source software are  supported by dedicated developers  and  users . In short,  open source software offers  companies clear  cost savings , more flexibility & adaptability.  


Current references




+ Domain

+ web hosting

+ Copywriting

+ Keywordanalyse




+ web hosting

+ SEO consulting

+ lead generation




+ Email campaign

+ Wordpress

+ web hosting

+ Matomo

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An appealing & functional website  helps to   leave a positive first impression on the  visitor . This  increases trust  in the company  improves credibility  and  keeps visitors longer  to  learn  more about the  products  and  services . good website should be user-friendly  ,  easy to navigate , convey  a  clear message  and  look professional . She should too  be optimized for desktop PCs, tablets & mobile devices . Overall, good web design can help a  business thrive online  and create a  positive perception among visitors.


Professional practice & further education

Customers served! + 100 Years  Experience
Customers served! 100 Tickets processed

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I have been involved in these projects in recent years.

1st Level IT-Helpdesk und Admin-Support

Telephone receipt of incidents and creation of tickets in the event of disruptions; Incident dispatching to downstream support units; Pre-qualification of incidents in consultation with the customer; Documentation of processes in the ticket system; coordination of replacement of defective hardware; System monitoring with scripts

1st & 2nd Level, Onsite IT-Support

On-site IT service in the event of incident disruptions; Processing of SRMS tickets in coordination with the IT service provider ***** and ****; user advice and troubleshooting by telephone; On-site installation of PC systems with Windows images via SCCM; Configuration of the hardware to customer requirements; Quality control of image installations and bug fixes; Handling inventory requests and updating in AssetTrack; replacement of defective hardware; Documentation of all on-site activities for billing to the customer

Helpdesk 1st & 2nd level support, IT coaching

IT support via phone and Citrix remote support; IT support when migrating customers from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 clients; Remote customer support in the Citrix / Windows 2008R2 Server environment with Windows 7 VM; Coordination of incidents to the downstream 2nd/3rd level support, VIP user support, 1st level support of Lotus Notes 8, Office 2013 and company-specific software; Ticket processing in HP ServiceManager 7 & 9, complaint management, user advice in Sharepoint operation, printer support and coordination in the event of failures , Citrix support for login problems, training new colleagues in the IT infrastructure; BYOD support from Apple Macbooks, IMacs, IPhones, IPads, Android & Windows Phone

Service Desk 1st & 2nd Level Support

IT service by phone, email, remote support in the rollout / migration project from Windows XP to a Citrix / Windows 2008R2 server environment; Coordination of incidents to the downstream 2nd level support, 1st level support Lotus Notes 8, Outlook and Office 2013 infrastructure; documentation of the incidents; Backup setup and restore of user data; Ticket processing in HP ServiceManager 7 & 9, complaint management, user advice in Sharepoint operation, Windows 8 assistance with user questions, printer support and coordination in the event of failures, Citrix support for login problems, BYOD support for Apple Macbooks, IMacs, IPhones, IPads, Android & Windows Phone Linux


Remote IT service for ***** AG; Administration, maintenance and further development of the Linux system landscape from over 1500 Linux servers; virtualization with XEN; Coordination of the project teams in 2nd level server support in China, Mexico & Germany; responsibility for alarm server monitoring; Creation of documentation; Backup setup and restore of company data via Netapp; Ticket processing in SAP R3 and SAP Business By Design

IT administrator

Administration 20 Citrix servers, 1 DNS, 1 DHCP, 2 print servers, Active Directory; Supervision of 10 CAD, 300 PCs, 200 notebooks, 300 Citrix workstations; Remote support for users in Portugal, Italy, Leipzig; backup and restore of corporate data; selection, ordering hardware, software; Budget responsibility 500 , project responsibility: mobile computing rollout; leasing exchange of clients and printers; Lotus Notes database archiving

PC and network administrator

In-house IT service at ***** Stuttgart in the diesel systems division IT supervisor for a total of 150 employees including management support ; Administration of users and groups in Active Directory; User support 1st and 2nd level; coordination of 3rd level support; Administration of notebooks and desktop PCs; Responsible for assigning SAP authorizations; Accompaniment of IT security audits according to ISO9001


Training as a technical assistant for IT grade 1.9

Focus: databases, data protection, operating systems, programming, system architecture, technical informatics, process technology, business informatics, data processing

project work

Installation, configuration and administration of a Windows 2000 server, grade 1

Set up Windows 2000 Server services; provide ftp, http server in the school network ; managing access rights, group policies, users, computer accounts in Active Directory; Network drive administration


Vocational training internship, grade 1.5

Installation of Internet radio link systems; administration of Linux servers; On-site customer support; telephone IT service and support; website design and development; server monitoring


Linux Workshop: LDAP

interaction client/server; LDAP for user data; user authentication; Password management for LDAP -based users; installation, configuration, operation; objects, classes, attributes, access log; Structure of the Directory Information Tree (DIT); structure of the schemes

SAP Netweaver 7 Administration

Starting and stopping an SAP system, using the system monitors; Performing automated work with the database ; scheduling backups; software maintenance; define and integrate printers; basics of user management; Basics of SAP data archiving

Virtualization with XEN on Linux

XEN  overview ; Install XEN on Debian; Configure XEN Daemon; network setups, bridge, route, NAT; LVM Logical Volume File-based; install and set up guests ; Management of resources (RAM/CPU)

Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 Administration

Administering SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 10; manage users and groups; Administration of the Linux file system, network connection (architecture, configuration, routing); providing network services; Providing printing services; Configuration of remote access

Planing, Implementing & Maintaining a MS Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure

implement an AD Forrest domain structure; implement user, computer, group accounts; implement group policies; distribution and management of software using group policies; Planning of domain controllers in Active Directory; Administration of Operations Masters

Deploying and managing Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 on a corporate network

Deploying SP2 using Group Policy and Microsoft SMS 2.0 and 2003; Reduced maintenance effort and easy updating of the clients in the system environment; reduce the number of application errors by using the memory protection features

Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure

Configuration DHCP, DNS, WINS Server Services; Configuration of a Windows 2000 server as a router; Configuration of Internet access for a network; Troubleshooting a Windows 2000 network; configuration of a web server; Configuration remote access


Linux 101, HP, www.hplearningcenter.com

Linux and open source; Installing Fedora Linux; A desktop tour; Introduction to system administration; Updating and adding software; Setting up Internet services

Wireless Security In Depth, HP, www.hplearningcenter.com

New trends and headaches in wireless security; Wireless security up until now; Encryption details; WPA; Client authentication

Advanced Network Administration Best Practices For IT, HP, www.hplearningcenter.com

Establishing your network configuration; Ensuring security for the network; Working with operational management; Controlling email; Monitoring and maintaining the network; Recovering from disaster with backup and restore

Firewall Technologies, HP, www.hplearningcenter.com

What a firewall can do for you; TCP/IP primer; Inside a firewall; Firewall technologies; Security policies; Common firewall configurations; Planning for attacks


sales seminar

Sale! The treasure chest of success strategies. Establishing contact with the customer, recognizing the customer's buying motives, self-motivation, professional goal setting, the 4 phases of the sales pitch

goal setting seminar

Setting clear goals and coaching others in doing so; Achieve goals with the logical level model; Get to know and apply strategies and recipes for success of successful companies, managers and salespeople

self and time management

time thieves; no organization without goals; What are the priorities ?; flow of information, oral and written; create your own schedule; consistent procedure; own control

Mind Mapping

 work out topics quickly and clearly at work, school or university and in the private sphere; Mind mapping is suitable for brainstorming, problem solving , project and task planning, preparing presentations and as a memory aid

communication seminar

basics of communication; How does the communication process work; What messages am I sending between the lines when I say something?; Can I actually listen properly ?; How important are non-verbal signals in communication?

Conversational skills _ _ _

listening and responding to others; questions and answers;  expressing and accepting criticism ; Conduct conversations in a structured and goal-oriented manner


foreign languages

English, business fluent

application software

MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Powerpoint, MS Visio, MS Access, MS Office 2010, MS Office 2007, MS Office 2003, MS Office XP, MS Office 2000, Open Office, Mozilla Thunderbird, SAP R3, SAP Business By Design, Lotus Notes Suite


HP Data Protector, SSC Backup (Netapp)

operating systems

Raspberry Pi, Server: Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10, Windows Server NT4.0-2000-2003, Citrix Server, Windows Terminalserver, Linux Terminalserver, Citrix Terminalserver, Desktop: Windows 7/8, Vista, XP, 2000 Professional, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98/ME, Windows 3.11, macOS, Ubuntu Linux 10, Suse Linux 10, Citrix Terminal Client, PalmOS, Windows CE, PocketPC, Symbian OS, BeOS, MS-DOS, Apple IOS, Android


HP Blade Servers, Fujitsu Blade Servers, IBM Blade Servers, HP/FSC/IBM Blade Management Console, Netbooks, HP CAD Workstations, Citrix Thinstations, PC Workstations, Notebook Workstations; HP network printers, PDA 's , rack systems, SCSI, RAID, CAN bus system,  3D printing

IT Organisation

Data protection, data security according to ISO9001, data and document management, data archiving, system integration, network administration, network management, network security, network organization, network planning

IT Support

1st level support, 2nd level support, 3rd level coordination, telephone support, email support, on-site service, on-call service, user advice, data and hard drive management, data transfer, data preparation, hardware installations, software installations, remote support via PC-Anywhere, Teamviewer , Citrix , VNC


LAN, WAN, WLAN, MAN, NFS, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, SNMP, ISCSI, FTP, SSH, Telnet, ISDN, NAS, RAS, VPN, Router, Switches, Active Directory, LDAP, Netapp, Patch Management, Firewall iptables


XEN, Citrix, VMWare Fusion, MS Virtual PC, Sun Virtual Box


Suggestion for improvement in the company suggestion system

Creation of an IT concept for the  " process-optimized IT work environment "  for the departments to be supported

Employed as an assistant in the field of data processing

Takeover of administrative tasks in the computer network of the schools Dr. W. Blindow; Support for teachers with exercises in class ;  Supervision of the computer rooms during non - teaching use ; Individual assistance to support underperforming students

Installation Windows 2000 Server

Structure and installation in a one- week installation work of a Windows 2000 file server for the Dr. W. Blindow Schools in Halle; In cooperation with the lecturers Mr. Einsiedel and Dr. W. Rü prich .


I am looking forward to reading from you.

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